We have designed a course for moms and photographers to learn how to create impassioned films for their business or personal life.  We want to show you the power of video, and how you can use it to effectively create stunning videos.  Lindsey and I have documented over 200 births, families and weddings and have fallen in love with creating personal videos of our family as well.  In this course, you'll learn:

The 6 steps to planning a shoot
Settings for Video
Gear that we use and recommend
Camera Movements
Camera Angles
Manual Focus
Where we find and license our music
2 Editing Videos
Multiple Behind the Scenes Videos of Different Shoots

We love video.  And we love helping others.  If you're ready to create beautiful lifestyle videos for your family or clients, click the sign-up button below.  This online course will become available in March 2017.  By signing-up, you'll be notified when it launches and will receive all the details.

"I am obsessed with documenting real life moments with my young kiddos. It is important for me to be able to capture these moments the best way possible. When I stumbled across the Motion Retreat video workshop, I was immediately intrigued. I recruited a friend and we decided to give it a try. I think we were instant friends with Lindsey and Aubrey because, well, they are just awesome. But besides that, they were great at sharing their knowledge, tips, and tricks.  They have continued to be a great resource for questions, help, and ideas. It was the best memory making investment I've made!" 

- Lindsay Burnett

"Not only did I learn a lot at The Motion Retreat Workshop, I had a lot of fun. Aubrey is really easy to learn from and truly makes you feel comfortable asking any questions. If you're interested in videography but don't know where to start, or even if you know a little, you can benefit from this class! I walked away feeling knowledgeable as well as eager to shoot and edit my first video. Can't thank you guys enough for sharing your tricks with me!"  

-Paige Keeton

"We are a little in shock, I have only shot one wedding.  And since we started up "Blu Knot Weddings" almost immediately after the workshop we've already booked 8 weddings! We didn't expect this outcome, but it's great! It has also helped me on the photography side as well, not just video!"  

- Blu Knot Weddings


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If you're interested in learning any of the following things, I would be more than happy to teach you! Decide which subject area is best for you and then fill out the contact form at the very bottom of this page!

"Before I met with Lindsey for my mentoring session I had zero idea of how to take a good video or how to edit a video afterward. Lindsey walked me through everything start to finish and made sure I understood before moving on to the next step. I left feeling confident that I had the ability to create amazing videos for my clients!" - Kristin Cook Photography


Hour long Mentor Session

Phone call where you may ask any question you'd like, business, photography or video related



3 Hour Photography Mentorship

in person teaching of the basics of your DSLR camera and how to shoot in manual mode. 


Video Mentorship

in person teaching of how to plan, shoot, and edit lifestyle video. Including going on a shoot and open Q&A.                     *Basic use of your DSLR camera and how to properly expose an image in manual is required as a pre requisite.

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